all-in|clu|sive «L ihn KLOO sihv», adjective.
including all; all-embracing: »

an all-inclusive price.

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  • all-in·clu·sive — /ˌɑːlınˈkluːsıv/ adj : including everything; especially : sold for one price that includes charges and fees that are often added separately The resort is all inclusive so you don t worry about money while you re there …   Useful english dictionary

  • ex|clu|sive|ly — «ehk SKLOO sihv lee, zihv », adverb. 1. with the exclusion of all others: »That selfish girl looks out for herself exclusively. 2. with the exclusion of the part or parts specified: »We accept the contract as set forth exclusively …   Useful english dictionary

  • all-inclusive — all in|clu|sive [ ɔ:l|ɪn klu:sɪf ] <englisch> (alles [ist im Preis] enthalten); wir reisen all inclusive; eine Woche all inclusive …   Die deutsche Rechtschreibung

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  • all-inclusive — all in|clu|sive [ ɔ:l(|)ɪn klu:sɪv ] <Adv.> [engl., aus: all = alles u. inclusive < mlat. inclusivus, ↑ 1inklusive] (bes. Touristik): alles [ist im Preis] enthalten (bei Pauschalreisen u. Ä.): wir reisen a.; eine Woche a. zum… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • All-inclusive-Urlaub — All in|clu|sive Ur|laub [ ɔ:l(|)ɪn klu:sɪv…], der (bes. Touristik): Urlaub, bei dem alle Kosten für Unterkunft u. Verpflegung in einem pauschal zu entrichtenden Preis enthalten sind …   Universal-Lexikon

  • all-inclusive — all in|clu|sive* [ ɔ:l in klu:siv] <engl. ; vgl. ↑inklusiv> alles [ist im Preis] enthalten (bei Pauschalreisen u. Ä.) …   Das große Fremdwörterbuch

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  • underinclusive — un·der·in·clu·sive /ˌən dər in klü siv/ adj: not sufficiently inclusive: excluding something that should be included; specif: not affecting others similarly situated with respect to the purpose of the law and esp. in violation of equal protection …   Law dictionary

  • exclusive — ex•clu•sive [[t]ɪkˈsklu sɪv, zɪv[/t]] adj. 1) not admitting of something else; incompatible: mutually exclusive plans of action[/ex] 2) omitting from consideration or account (often fol. by of): a profit of ten percent, exclusive of taxes[/ex] 3) …   From formal English to slang

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